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Walking this road without you


Thinking of you, wherever you are,

We pray for our sorrows to end,
and hope that our hearts will blend.
Now I will step forward to realize this wish.

And who knows:
starting a new journey may not be so hard
or maybe it has already begun.

There are many worlds,
but they share the same sky-
one sky, one destiny.

Brave sticker book list

I have extras of:

7 x 2
11 x 1
13 x 1
17 x1
20 x 1
23 x 1
26 x 1
31 x1
37 x 2
42 x 1
47 x 1
59 x 1
68 x 1
71 x 2 
72 x 1
76 x 1
79 x 2
81 x 2
83 x 2
84 x 2
86 x 1
89 x 2
95 x 1
101 x 1
102 x 1
103 x1
107 x 2
108 x 1
109 x 1
116 x 1
118 x 1
122 x 1
127 x 1
134 x 1
137 x 1
142 x 1
145 x 1
149 x 3
150 x 1
152 x 1
153 x 2
156 x 1
157 x 1
160 x 1
162 x 1
165 x 1
168 x 2
171 x2
173 x 1
B1 x 1
B2 x 1
B3 x 1
B4 x 1
B7 x 1
B9 x 1
B10 x 1
B19 x 1

I need:


A new year, another shot at 50...

It looks like I may have a better shot at reading 50 books in a year this year... yay!  I just started book 4.  So far I'  ve read

1) Briarpatch by: Tim Pratt (300 pages)
2) The Girl Who Played with Fire by: Stieg Larsson (724 pages)
3) The Boy at the End of the World by: Greg van Eekhout (212 pages)    

Last year I failed miserably... but I really hope to do better this year :)


I'm not supposed to be here, I'm supposed to be nanoing, but I couldn't let this go without saying something.  There's a rumor going around that Kagrra is disbanding... I feel sick.  I love Kagrra, more than most any j-rock band... they've always been my band.  I can't imagine that it's true.  This has been their life since 1998, traveling and playing music together, being best friends, practically family.  They've gone from being awkward teenage boys in kimonos and too much make-up, to being handsome men with extraordinary talent and a unique look and sound all their own.  They were the first band I came across who were truly proud of their Japanese heritage and embraced it.  If the rumors are true, I give them my best wishes for their futures.  I can only hope that if the rumors are true it's because of a falling out with the record company, not the individual members themselves.  And even though they'll never read this, I hope they'll feel it in their hearts and have no regrets over the last decade they've spent together.

"You have touched so many lives with your music, and your passion, and everything you embody.  Please know that we, your fans, will be forever grateful, we will never forget.  We love you more than words can say, and wish you nothing but happiness."

Please, please let this just be a sick twisted rumor. Please. T_T

EDIT:  It's been made official.  They're really disbanding.  My entire life just got a little more surreal.

NANOWRIMO 2009 Day 11

Grr... my word count is pathetic.  But whatever.  It would be so much easier if I weren't writing about something serios, and we could have wacky fun adventures.  But that isn't this book.  Perhaps after I"m done with this I'll write something that is pure nonsense... or not.  Anyway, today Sa-chan and I went shopping at the Whole Foods Market.  We had on our snobby nice clothes and our nice purses, so they were really nice to us this time.  Then we went over to Chik-Fil-A  or however it's spelled for lunch.  And then over to the best buy there to ogle Macbooks.  I really really want one. *drools* So pretty.  ANd I tell myself that to be a real novelist I need a laptop... because in my head I see myself writing in cafes sipping lattes.... when in all reality I'll probably write at the kitchen table with a hot chocolate. -_-   but it's a completely legitimate excuse to get a best buy card right?  Anyway at Best Buy I bought a Tegan and Sara CD.  I don't know why it's taken me so long to really get into their music.  I heard them and liked them, but didn't really do anything about it.  Then I heard their song "Where does the good go?" On Grey's Anatomy (I've become obsessed with Grey's Anatomy.  I watch nothing else.) and I've been hooked ever since.  Several times while watching I've actually recognized them playing in the background.... which really isn't all that difficult.  They have very unique voices.  Anyway back I go to novel land.  I'm only about.... 7200 words behind O.o  oh no...


NANOWRIMO 2009 Day 8

I was falling really far behind, but then I discovered Write or Die and I think it may just save me. Well that and the fact that my novel no longer consists of a single narrative but rather a bunch of random different scenes over the course of two or three years in the lives of my characters... maybe I should just make it a collection of fictional memoirs when I edit. It might make more sense that way.

Anyway, as of last night I was at 7730 words, when I should have been at 11667. :| Today so far I've managed just over 2000. I'm not caught up by any means, but even if I write nothing else today,m I'm atleast ahead of the 1875 words a day I would need to finish at this point. Oh and write or die also proved to me that it is technically possible to right a n awful terrible 50,000 word novel in 25 hours.  So  I haven't lost hope yet.

I also have to keep in mind that a lot of people I'm comparing my word counts to are people who are off on the weekends and get to use that time to really push their wordage up there, whereas weekends are my busiest times with work.  Anyway I'm off to lunch and prepare myself for work then IU'll probably try to get ins some more work.


NANOWRIMO 2009 Day 4

Only Day 4 and madness is already setting in.... that is to say I'm falling woefully behind.  I should have 6,668 words down at this point.  Instead I have only 5,248... that means I'm 1,420 words behind. *headdesk*  That's nearly an entire day's worth of words behind... and I started out so good!!!!


NANOWRIMO 2009 kickoff

Well it starts tonight at midnight. I don't plan to be on LJ much, but I will still be checking my FL. For those interested in following my progress. View my progress report here.


Thyme and Memory


Okay, well I'm back but I was not gone off on an exciting KH-fueled love adventure... oh no.  I wish.  One week ago, The sky opened up and threw ice at... well most of the southeast as it would seem.  I lost power Tuesday.... I've had it back all of 20 minutes now.  I have never been so happy to just sit at my computer, and be warm, and happy and not have to worry about dying of carbon-monoxide poisoning in the middle of the night, or wake up and find my dogs have frozen to death.  I am so happy (with extra-Nick-accent on the happy).

Big hugs to Nana, her parents, my uncle and his girlfriend, my brother, and all the people at work without all of which I might not be here, or my dogs might not be here, or my mom might not be here, or my fish might not be here, or I might not have a job, or food, or a house... okay so I am a drama queen.  But that's why you love me.

Anyway, Nana, when you get on message me, if I'm not in my room, I"m not far, and will be back as soon as time or my mother allows.

Sora (KH RE: CoM) came home yesterday...

...and thus I won't be posting for a few days.